SiteTackle is a web based publishing tool that allows users to easily update and maintain a professionally developed website. Content can be edited within seconds, in real-time, and with only a computer, web browser and an internet connection. Designed much like your word processing interfaces, our tool can be easily learned and used, without the hassle of learning programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Furthermore, the flexibility of this software allows for experienced programmers to input advanced code to performing advanced functions.
The difference is that we are a service. Wordpress is a software product that requires updates, a host, technical knowledge to resolve issues and administer. Also, security has become a huge problem with Wordpress. With SiteTackle, updates and security are automatic. Using an open source piece of software, there may be no one to call, no one to email and no one to help advise you when dealing with solutions for your website. This is what we do. SiteTackle is software with service. We help you get from point A to point B.
There are no contracts required when signing-up for an account. If at anytime you wish to discontinue your service, you may do so. We hope our customers love our product and want to stay with us because they want to.
Yes. The SiteTackle software contains a Support Center where you can view tutorials and submit questions 24/7. We also have phone support during business hours.
When you setup a new website with SiteTackle, it comes with a default site and pages already installed to help eliminate much of the normal setup work for you. Within 30 minutes, you can have a basic website up and running.
Yes, of course. SiteTackle allows you to add a domain name to your site with us. Actually, you can add multiple domains. If you already have a domain name registered, you can point it to our server at no additional cost. In order to use your domain name with us, simply modify the nameserver (DNS) information to the following:
None. No computer programming language or expertise is required. If you know how to use a basic word processor, you can master SiteTackle.
No. To manage and edit your new website, all you need is an internet connection and a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.
Yes. Your website uses Google Analytics to provide a thorough breakdown on visitors and traffic.
We can customize any theme currently in SiteTackle for you, or build a brand new theme to match your needs. Contact us for a quote.
Yes. With full tutorials on how to setup with smartphones, Gmail, a desktop client and more. You can even use our webmail system.
Our sites implement SEO friendly techniques automatically. And for pages you build, we offer a guide in the editor to help you with building SEO friendly content.

Have questions? We're here to help.